General Sale on 28/11/20
Silver and Jewellery

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1.      19th century silver plate tazza having cherubs formed in the Baroque style as the column from the Wittenberg metal factory, Germany. 22cm in width x 25cm in height. 200.00-300.00
2.      A cased pair of 19th century jam spoons. 20.00-40.00
3.      An Elkington EP Art Deco sugar sifter. 20.00-40.00
4.      A miscellaneous collection of silver collared cut glass scent bottles together with a silver topped dish and pill bottle. 20.00-40.00
5.      A Birmingham silver cream jug dated 1947 by Henry Matthews. 9cm in height (a.f) together with a silver bowl, marks rubbed (a.f) 7cm in height. 200g approximately. 30.00-50.00
6.      A collection of five various napkin rings. 3.17ozs/90g approximately. 20.00-40.00
7.      Large Victorian silver plated oval salver circa 1900. 60.00-80.00
8.      A miscellaneous lot to include a set of four silver 925 teaspoons, a silver Dutch spoon and a silver crumb brush. 30.00-50.00
9.      A lady's silver compact by Charles S Green & Co Ltd, Birmingham 1958, together with a Sheffield silver weighted posy vase by William Hutton & Sons Ltd dated 1900 (a.f). 40.00-60.00
10.     A Victorian silver fish slice and fork of large proportions by Aaron Hadfield, Sheffield 18447. Fish slice having a pieced sea serpent design with weighted silver handle. Fork (a.f) with floral design and weighted silver handle. 365g approximately. 40.00-60.00
11.     Two late 19th century Indian white metal pots with covers (a.f). 20.00-40.00
12.     A Birmingham silver dressing set by Charles S Green & Co Ltd, comprising of hand mirror and two brushes, dated 1964. 40.00-60.00
13.     A lady's silver compact by Henry Clifford Davis Ltd, Birmingham 1961. 8cm in width. 129g approximately. 40.00-60.00
14.     A London silver dressing set by DCBs, comprising of a hand mirror and two brushes, dated 1955. 40.00-60.00
15.     A tea strainer by Hukin & Heath Ltd, Birmingham dated 1931 together with a pair of Sterling silver sugar tongs. 75g approximately. 30.00-50.00
16.     A Birmingham silver cream jug by S. Blankensee & Son Ltd dated 1919, engraved with initials and to base (nurse from Helen 1926). 9cm in height. 130g approximately. 50.00-80.00
17.     A collection of seven miscellaneous silver condiments featuring two peppers and five mustards/salts. 172g approximately. 50.00-80.00
18.     A pair of George V Silver fruit comports with pierced upper rim. Sheffield, 1917. Makers Thomas Bradbury & Sons Ltd. 29.6ozs/920g approximately. 450.00-650.00
19.     A late 19th century Indian bomb shaped box with cover having a repousee/chasing jungle design depiction of tigers and deer. 7cm in height, 7.5cm in width. 94g approximately. 40.00-60.00
20.     A fine pair of chased silver Victorian comports with floral decoration to the top rim and base. Sheffield, 1897. Makers Atkin Brothers. 27ozs/840g approximately. 650.00-850.00
21.     A Birmingham silver trinket box dated 1906 by B.C having foliage design to hinged lid containing a fitted interior together with a Sheffiled silver pin dish with c scroll and foliage design dated 1901 by Walker and Hall. 150g approximately. 80.00-120.00
22.     Three piece Victorian silver half lobed batchelor's tea set. Sheffield, 1898. Makers Joseph Rodgers & Sons. 12ozs/377g approximately. 180.00-220.00
23.     A Sheffield silver ash tray dated 1944. 10cm in width. 94g approximately. 40.00-60.00
24.     Silver fluted presentation comport style rose bowl decorated with foliate and floral chasing. Makers Hamilton & Inches. Edinburgh, 1900. 14 troy ozs/435g approximately. 260.00-300.00
25.     An Indian double sided spirit measure with repousse/chased foliage design engraved 'D.D. Scott Esq, Rememberance from Peter M.D.R Club 1934'. 11cm in height. 50.00-80.00
26.     Cased Victorian silver chased three piece christening set, London 1859. Makers Joseph & Edward Bradbury. 80.00-120.00
27.     A set of six Georgian fiddle pattern forks by Mary Chawner, London dated 1834. 15 Troy ozs/473g approximately. 200.00-400.00
28.     A three piece silver oval tea set with scalloped edge. Edinburgh, 1933. Makers Hamilton & Inches. 35ozs/1084g approximately. 550.00-650.00
29.     A pair of pieced silver bowls, Birmingham 1936 makers marks partially rubbed. 21cm in width by 5.5cm in height. 12 Troy ozs/380g approximately. 150.00-250.00
30.     Three piece silver ovoid half lobed tea set with gadroon decoration. London 1919, makers Daniel & Welby. 1320g approximately.
31.     A collection of seven Georgian silver tablespoons all London with varying makers marks and date letters. 12 Troy ozs/380g approximately. 150.00-250.00
32.     A cased set of four Victorian silver salts and spoons in the style of handled baskets with scalloped edge. London, 1884. Makers Johnathon Wilson Hukin & John Thomas Heath. 250.00-350.00
33.     A Lowe & Son two piece coffee set comprising of a coffee and hot water pot with tapering cylindrical form and finial to hinged lid. Chester, 1924. 21cm in height approximately. 29 Troy ozs/ 910g approximately. 550.00-750.00
34.     Cased set of four silver menu holders cast with game birds, Grouse, Pheasant, Snipe and duck. Makers Hamilton & Inches in original case. Chester, 1937. 500.00-700.00
35.     A quantity of Walker and Hall silver flat ware to include soup spoons, dinner and side forks, teaspoons and desert forks dated 1820. 37 Troy ozs/1160g approximately. 500.00-700.00
36.     Matched pair of silver pierced quatrefoil bonbon dishes on claw feet. Makers Harry Synyer & Charles Joseph Beddoes. Chester, Birmingham 1914. 120.00-140.00
37.     Pair silver pierced and chased circular bonbon dishes, quatrefoil piercing with a foliate chased edge. Makers D & F. Birmingham, 1896. 2.7 troy ozs/84.6g approximately. 80.00-100.00
38.     Large Silver sugar castor. Birmingham, 1932. Makers D U & Co. 5.2ozs/162g approximately. 90.00-120.00
39.     Cased set of six silver tea/coffee spoons with shell decoration. Makers Cooper Brothers & Sons Ltd. Sheffield, 1938. 2.4 troy ozs/73.7g approximately. 40.00-50.00
40.     Unusual cased set of four silver salt cruets in the form of Indian canoes with original spoons and case. Makers Cornelius Desormeaux Saunders & James Francis Hollings (Frank) Shepherd. Birmingham, 1900. 550.00-600.00
41.     Fine cased set of twelve silver napkin rings decorated with floral chasing and miniature gadroon edging. Maker Isaac Summers. Birmingham, 1891. 600.00-800.00
42.     Cased set of silver and finely enamelled cocktail stick with an enamelled cockerel at the head. Birmingham, 1928. 100.00-120.00
43.     Cased set of silver and enamel coffee bean coffee spoons. Maker Henry Clifford Davis. Birmingham, 1961. 80.00-100.00
44.     Fine cased set of Danish Meka Sterling silver gilt and enamel coffee spoons in fine condition circa 1960. 100.00-120.00
45.     Boxed air of silver and crystal butter dishes. Makers Mappin & Webb. Sheffield, 1959. Silver 4.8 troy ozs/150g. 100.00-150.00
46.     Cased three piece Sheffield plate christening set circa 1890. Highly chased in original case. Makers Mappin Brothers. London. 30.00-40.00
47.     Fine cased set Royal Worcester coffee cups and saucers with original coffee spoons circa 1925. 220.00-320.00
48.     A bag containing miscellaneous costume jewellery. 20.00-30.00
49.     A collection of miscellaneous costume jewellery. 20.00-40.00
50.     A collection of miscellaneous costume jewellery. 20.00-40.00
51.     A box containing a collection of miscellaneous costume jewellery to include brooches, watches, necklaces etc. 40.00-60.00
52.     A large collection of miscellaneous costume jewellery to include bracelets, earring, necklaces etc 60.00-80.00
53.     9ct gold chain and pendant. 13g approximately. 150.00-200.00
54.     Silver kilt pin by Alastair Campbell, Edinburgh 2001. 30.00-50.00
55.     A collection of amber jewellery to include two silver and amber pendants, a pair of silver and amber earrings and a pair of 9ct gold and amber earrings. 50.00-80.00
56.     A 9ct gold bracelet (a.f). 40.00-60.00
57.     Attractive silver (tested) kilt pin set with oval citrine at the head circa 1920. 60.00-80.00
58.     A yellow metal clown pendant and ring. Hallmarks rubbed, probably 9ct. 15g approximately. 150.00-200.00
59.     15ct .625 Victorian Marquise set ruby and pearl ring. Chester, 1896. Ring size P. 200.00-250.00
60.     A collection of five various 9ct gold 375 bangles. 22g approximately. 250.00-350.00
61.     9ct thimble, Birmingham 1910 100.00-150.00
62.     A 9ct gold dress ring with another yellow metal dress ring. 50.00-80.00
63.     Silver and agate two piece bangle set carnelian and jet. Birmingham, 1912. 120.00-150.00
64.     A 9ct gold dress ring together with a yellow metal and green stoned dress ring. 80.00-120.00
65.     15ct foliate bar brooch. Birmingham, 1877. 80.00-120.00
66.     A 9ct gold and citrine dress ring together with a stamped 375 dress ring. 80.00-120.00
67.     14ct and precious water opal and diamond five stone dress ring. Ring size S. 250.00-300.00
68.     A 9ct gold and garnet and pearl ring. Ring size O. 60.00-80.00
69.     15ct Wishbone style brooch set Turquoise and seed pearls circa 1900. 80.00-120.00
70.     A yellow metal bangle. 10g approximately. 80.00-120.00
71.     9ct Celtic style pierced brooch set with a smokey quartz. Birmingham, 1965. 150.00-180.00
72.     9ct gold pendant with inset pearl on a yellow metal chain. 40.00-60.00
73.     15ct fine starburst multi seed pearl brooch in lovely condition circa 1880. 100.00-150.00
74.     A 14k gold and jade bracelet and pendant with pendant mounted in a 9ct gold 375 chain. 150.00-200.00
75.     9ct Late Victorian Amethyst and Seed pearl pendant on chain circa 1890. 160.00-200.00
76.     A 9ct gold chain with citrine pendant. 12g approximately. 100.00-150.00
77.     9ct (tested) opal and sapphire bar brooch set eight precious opals circa 1910. 100.00-150.00
78.     A 9ct gold link chain. 19g approximately. 200.00-300.00
79.     18ct (tested) Ruby and seed pearl bar brooch circa 1930. 120.00-150.00
80.     A 9ct gold ring. 6g approximately. 60.00-80.00
81.     Silver scent bottle with fine foliate chasing. London, 1884. 130.00-150.00
82.     15ct Edwardian bar brooch set small diamond circa 1910. 80.00-120.00
83.      9ct gold chain with 9ct gold propelling toothpick pendant. 19g approximately. 200.00-250.00
84.     Victorian 9ct Hexagon starburst styled seed pearl brooch circa 1890. 120.00-160.00
85.     A 9ct gold chain with citrine pendant mounted in 9ct gold. 80.00-120.00
86.     9ct .375 bar and cuff link bracelet circa 1980. 10g approximately. 220.00-260.00
87.     A collection of eight commemorative 2.00 coins to include In Peace Goodwill and Bill of Rights. 10.00-20.00
88.     Victorian 9ct Turquoise and seed pearl double bar brooch circa 1890. 80.00-120.00
89.     A collection of miscellaneous costume jewellery to include gold filled cameo bracelet and cameo brooch. Yellow metal chain etc. 60.00-80.00
90.     Pair of of precious opal and marcasite earrings set in .935 silver with seven opals 80.00-100.00
91.     A collection of silver and white metal rings, pendant and bracelet. Eight items in lot. 20.00-40.00
92.     15ct (tested) Scottish agate "Pebble" brooch set Carnelian, bloodstone and moss agate circa 1890. 250.00-350.00
93.     Two 22ct gold rings. 150.00-200.00
94.     15ct floral diamond bar brooch circa 1890. 80.00-120.00
95.     A boxed Birmingham silver pen set by William H Manton dated 1979. 20.00-40.00
96.     A 9ct gold Albert bar together with a 9ct Sovereign pendant mount. 4g approximately. 30.00-50.00
97.     Silver floral pierced hairpin. Birmingham, 1904. Makers Reynolds & Westwood. 60.00-80.00
98.     A 9ct gold cross together with a yellow metal chain. 40.00-60.00
99.     Silver pierced and chased hairpin. Chester, 1905. Makers Cornelius Desormeaux Saunders & James Francis Hollings (Frank) Shepherd. 60.00-80.00
100.    A 9ct gold chain with 9ct gold pendant. 10g approximately. 100.00-150.00
101.    A collection of three dress rings, two being stamped 375. 60.00-80.00
102.    White opal matrix specimen, south Queensland Australia. 8cm long. 150.00-250.00
103.    A .82ct white opal in case. 8.50mm by 6.00mm. 60.00-80.00
104.    A 7.6ct Indian Emerald old oval cut (small) 14mm long. 60.00-80.00
105.    A black opal matrix specimen, Lightening Ridge Australia. 60.00-80.00
106.    1.185 white opal in case 8.05mm by 6.10mm. 60.00-80.00
107.    20ct Indian Emerald old cut oval (medium) 22mm long. 150.00-200.00
108.    A 3.24ct Fire opal 12.00mm by 8.65mm in case. 500.00-600.00
109.    A 9.2ct blood red Burmese Cabochon in case. 12mm long. 200.00-250.00
110.    A 5.1ct south Queensland white opal in case. 21mm long. 300.00-400.00
111.    A 51.7ct old cut sapphire in case. 27mm long . 450.00-500.00
112.    A 184.0ct Indian Emerald old oval cut (large) in case. 49mm long. 600.00-800.00
113.    Victorian 18ct (tested) mounted oval cameo of a lady, the mount of extremely high quality is surrounded with swirls and chasing circa 1860. 750.00-950.00
114.    A 15ct gold chain. 32g approximately. 700.00-800.00
115.    Victorian silver chased snuff box. Chester, 1898. Maker John Millward Banks. 130.00-150.00
116.    Two 9ct (375) gold St George medallion rings of varying sizes. 8g approximately. 80.00-120.00
117.    A chased silver snuff/pill box with floral edge in relief. Birmingham, 1912. Maker (probably) Munsey & Co Ltd. 130.00-150.00
118.    A 9ct (375) gold bracelet. 24g approximately. 300.00-350.00
119.    Silver sovereign case, Birmingham 1910. 80.00-120.00
120.    A fine oval 15ct (tested) mounted cameo of a lady with floral and grape accessories to hair. The mounting is engraved in an ancient fret Greek key design with gadooned edge. Circa 1860. 6cm in height by 5.3cm in width. 400.00-600.00
121.    Fine 18ct (Tested) Victorian cameo chased and gadrooned mount circa 1870. 800.00-1000.00
122.    A 375 (9ct) gold chain. 8g approximately.
123.    Early Victorian 18ct (Tested) hardstone cameo of a lady circa 1850. 200.00-250.00
124.    Two 9ct (375) gold bracelets. Approximately 12g. 100.00-150.00
125.    Fine and rare French silver and Niello snuff box/casket with gilt interior, depicting Raphael's "La Belle Jardiniere" (painted in 1507). Soft gilt finish. Circa 1890. 900.00-1200.00
126.    Miniature "Portrait of a Young Lady" signed "Fuger" set in an octagonal tortoiseshell frame, "Heinrich Friedrich Fuger 1751-1818" Size: Overall 87mm, Site size 53mm. 500.00-700.00
127.    Silver mounted Sporran with pierced cantel with thistle decoration and three silver tassels and hare fur body. Maker Alastair Campbell. Edinburgh, 1999. 350.00-450.00
128.    A silver gilt Cole Brothers vanity case dated 1927, London in blue leather case. 150.00-250.00
129.    Fine silver visiting card case, cased and scrolled with floral and foliate decoration. Famous maker Nathaniel Mills. Birmingham, 1845. 400.00-600.00
130.    Smokey quartz pendant on chain. London, 1971. 100.00-150.00
131.    9ct Turquoise and pearl double bar brooch circa 1890. 80.00-120.00
132.    18ct .750 Emerald and diamond crossover ring circa 1950 300.00-350.00
133.    14ct pendant and chain in form of a heart and rose circa 1990. 4.7g approximately. 150.00-180.00
134.    Pair of Sterling silver German drop earrings set Marquasite circa 1900. 80.00-120.00
135.    9ct (tested) precious opal solitaire bar brooch, good colour and condition circa 1920. 80.00-120.00
136.    15ct Victorian starburst pearl brooch circa 1880. 120.00-150.00
137.    18ct and seven stone precious opal and diamond ring. London, 1912. 130.00-150.00
138.    Fine ERVII Silver, amethyst and zircon necklace qss e circa 1910. 400.00-600.00
139.    Fine double string of cultured pearls with a fabulous 18ct diamond and pearl clasp circa 1930. 900.00-1250.00
140.    A yellow metal ring with inset porcelain miniature. Ring size K. 60.00-80.00
141.    18ct and platinum set three stone diamond ring 0.3cts approximately. Ring size N. 500.00-700.00
142.    A 9ct (375) gold and moonstone dress ring. Ring size P. 40.00-60.00
143.    9ct .375 five stone diamond dress ring 0.45cts approximately. London, 1982. Ring size O. 300.00-400.00
144.    18ct (Tested) sapphire and diamond cluster ring circa 1960. 1ct diamonds approximately. 400.00-600.00
145.    A Tiffany & Co silver golf key fob. 60.00-80.00
146.    18ct Edwardian Ruby and diamond dress ring. Chester, 1904. 350.00-400.00
147.    A Tiffany & Co, Italy, silver multiple strand and enamel bracelet. 300.00-400.00
148.    Edwardian 18ct five stone diamond ring circa 1900. 130.00-150.00
149.    A 9ct (375) gold cameo ring. 10g approximately. 80.00-120.00
150.    18ct Edwardian seven stone ruby and diamond ring circa 1900. 350.00-400.00
151.    A 375 stamped (9ct) dress ring. Ring size J. 6g approximately. 50.00-80.00
152.    18ct Marquise diamond and sapphire circa 1900. 1300.00-1500.00
153.    A 375 stamped (9ct) dress ring. Ring size O. 80.00-120.00
154.    0.750 (18ct) five stone ruby and diamond ring. London, 1964. 850.00-1250.00
155.    An 18K gold turquoise and diamond cross pendant together with a 9ct cameo locket. 80.00-120.00
156.    18ct Five stone sapphire and diamond dress ring. Chester, 1896. Ring size M. 250.00-300.00
157.    15ct and platinum diamond and sapphire bar brooch circa 1920. 0.35cts diamonds approximately. 150.00-180.00
158.    12ct and diamond Crucifix on a 9ct curb chain. 0.45cts diamonds. 250.00-350.00
159.    A Victorian 9ct mrning brooch in case. 3g approximately. 50.00-80.00
160.    0.750 (18ct) three stone emerald and diamond ring. London, 1995. 700.00-900.00
161.    A 9ct (375) gold double heart necklace. 6g approximately. 40.00-60.00
162.    18ct Victorian five stone white sapphire dress ring, old cut stones circa 1890. 1.2cts approximately. 220.00-320.00
163.    A 750 stamp dress ring with inset stones. 8g approximately. 150.00-200.00
164.    A 1914 1/2 Sovereign in 9ct gold mount. 150.00-250.00
165.    A 1893 Victorian Sovereign (old head). 8g approximately. 250.00-300.00
166.    A 1966 gold Sovereign, Elizabeth II. 8g approximately. 250.00-300.00
167.    A 1908 gold Sovereign, Edwardvs VII. Approximately 8g. 250.00-300.00
168.    A 1891 gold Sovereign Victoria Jubilee head. 8g approximately. 250.00-300.00
169.    A 1893 gold Sovereign Victoria jubilee head, Melbourne. 250.00-300.00
170.    A 1912 gold Sovereign Georgius V in a 9ct gold mount. 10g approximately including mount. 250.00-350.00
171.    A 1966 gold Sovereign Elizabeth II in a yellow metal mount. 250.00-350.00
172.    A 1966 gold Sovereign Elizabeth II in a 9ct gold mount. 19g approximately including pendant. 300.00-400.00
173.    A 1966 gold Sovereign mounted in a 9ct gold bracelet with 9ct gold heart lock. 31g approximately. 600.00-800.00
174.    1990 United Kingdom Gold proof Sovereign three coin set "Number 500" fully certified. 1500.00-1800.00
175.    Fine Edwardian 18ct (tested) diamond and turquoise figure of eight brooch circa 1900. 550.00-700.00
176.    A 9ct gold charm bracelet with eight charms to include an E type Jaguar and masted ship etc. 77g approximately. 1500.00-2000.00
177.    9ct .375 Marked diamond bracelet containing 235 diamonds, a minimum 5cts+ approximately and 14.3g 9ct. 700.00-900.00
178.    A Bueche Girod Lady's 9ct white gold wrist watch having a diamond and emerald surround to face. 600.00-800.00
179.    A 9ct gold charm bracelet with 13 charms to include an articulated fish and Rugby ball etc. 108g approximately. 1500.00-2000.00
180.    18ct Modern solitaire brilliant cut diamond ring 0.25cts approximately. 350.00-400.00
181.    Fabulous coloured black opal and diamond dress ring set in 18ct (tested). Probably Lightening Ridge, Australia, the Opal is 10mm x 9 mm approximately and the diamonds each 0.35cts, total 0.70cts approximately. 2200.00-2800.00
182.    14ct American diamond cluster earrings set in gold with enamel circa 1960. Diamonds 2cts approximately in total. 1700.00-2000.00
183.    18ct Solitaire brilliant cut diamond ring 0.85cts approximately. Ring size K. 1000.00-1300.00
184.    A 9ct gold oval cut sapphire and diamond cluster ring. Ring size N. 800.00-1200.00
185.    A 9ct gold and diamond set heart pendant on chain together with a 9ct gold bracelet with heart charm. 25g approximately. 250.00-300.00
186.    14ct Marquise set diamond dress ring 2.2cts approximately. Circa 1980. Ring size N. 2500.00-3500.00
187.    A three stone sapphire and diamond cluster ring. Ring size O. 600.00-800.00
188.    Fine 0.750 (18ct) Black opal (Lightening Ridge) and diamond dress ring; the diamonds 2 x 0.55 approximately. Ring size N. 2500.00-3200.00
189.    Platinum brilliant cut solitaire diamond ring 1.25cts approximately. Ring size S. 2200.00-2600.00
190.    Emerald and diamond ring circa 1960 reset in New 9ct shank Emerald 1.2cts, Diamonds 0.60cts approximately. Ring size M. 2200.00-2800.00
191.    A 18ct gold 2.25ct Square cut emerald and diamond cluster ring. Ring size O. 1500.00-2000.00
192.    Pair of Edwardian old cut Art Nouveau platinum and diamond earrings. Each diamond is 1.1cts approximately 2.2cts in total. 4000.00-6000.00
193.    Fabulous and rare 18ct and platinum diamond "Lily of the Valley" brooch circa 1910. Minimum 5cts approximately. 5500.00-7500.00
194.    Small but rare Art Nouveau cameo glass cabinet vase in floral relief signed by Emile Galle circa 1900. 350.00-450.00
195.    Orrefors Swordfish vase. 15.2cm in width by 25.5cm in height. 80.00-120.00
196.    Victorian ruby glass scent bottle with chased silver top. Maker Charles May. Birmingham, 19--. Fine condition. 80.00-120.00
197.    A large cut crystal goblet having a silver capped lid above a stag and foliage etched motif. Standing 25cm in height by 12cm in width. 150.00-200.00
198.    Edwardian silver overlaid green glass scent bottle circa 1910. Perfect condition. 150.00-180.00
199.    A pair of 19th century frosted blue and gilt glass lustres with prismatic drops. 38cm in height. 100.00-150.00
200.    Fabulous pair of south German "Bohemian" ruby glass vases with finely etched wildlife scenes circa 1880. 350.00-450.00
201.    A pair of 19th century pink glass lustres complete with prismatic drops. 80.00-120.00
202.    Victorian hand painted Baluster glass vase decorated with wildlife scene of Herons/Storks at a lake circa 1870. 100.00-150.00
203.    Unusual Murano glass oyster shell dish circa 1950. 80.00-120.00
204.    Unusual Murano glass yellow pepper/pimento circa 1960. 80.00-100.00
205.    Unusual fun Murano glass conche shell circa 1960. 80.00-120.00
206.    A late 18th century opaque twist wine glass. 15.5 cm in height. 150.00-200.00
207.    A late 18th century opaque air twist wine glass. 16.5 cm in height. 150.00-200.00
208.    A Jacobean engraved air twist wine glass having a drawn bell bowl with engraved Jacobite rose, leaves and moth. 400.00-600.00
209.    A 1920s Royal Worcester Hadley rose bud vase. 22cm in height. 100.00-150.00
210.    Green Moorcroft bowl of "Hibiscus" design with orange flower heads circa 1960. 100.00-120.00
211.    A late 19th century Coburg Dresden porcelain comport, floral and fruit encrusted, naturalistic column with four cherubs to base. Slight damage to one cherub's hand and some damage to flowers. 29cm in height. 150.00-200.00
212.    Large Moorcroft Baluster Vase, "Anemone" pattern circa 1980. Height 21cm, Width 23cm approximately. 280.00-380.00
213.    A large Moorcroft leaf and berry green glazed bowl, having impressed W. Moorcroft mark to base. 33cm in width by 10cm in height. 300.00-500.00
214.    A Charlotte Rhead Crown Ducal Art Deco green glazed jug. 25.5cm in height. 60.00-80.00