What kind of auction house are you?

Donaldson & Company Auctioneers and Valuers Ltd is an auction house exclusively working in the sale of antique and vintage wares (items, for newbies). Examples of the kind of things that pass through our doors include furniture, ceramics, artwork, jewellery and memorabilia. Don't forget, though, that in the world of antiques and vintage auctions, anything goes! We have intriguing items full of histroy and charm in each of our sales, so if you haven't found your dream item this time around, keep an eye on our catalogue, Facebook or Instagram pages for more.

Where is your saleroom and can I visit?

Our saleroom is in the Customs House of Leith, a historically significant building which was originally used for the payment of goods coming into the Port of Leith as ship's cargo.

Prospective buyers are welcome to visit us during opening hours on viewing days, when auction lots are available for inspection. Please follow guidance regarding social distancing measures as set out by the government when attending the venue on viewing days.

Viewing days will be held on the Thursday and Friday prior to sale day.

I am interested in selling at auction, can I bring item(s) to the auction house for valuation?

In order to respect social distancing guidelines and government hygiene recommendations, we are operating an appointment-only valuation service.

If you'd like to know more about your item(s) and estimated sale prices, please contact us to make an appointment.

Please contact us at donaldsonandco@outlook.com for further assistance.

I am interested in buying at auction, how does this work?

Under the current government guidelines, physical auctions are unable to take place. To continue offering a quality service, we'll be operating an online-only auction via thesaleroom.com on the last Saturday of each month.

All items for sale are catalogued here. To find out when our next auction is taking place, refer to our calendar.

What are the costs of buying at auction?

Similar to our Selling charges, you'll pay commission and VAT on any goods you buy at our auction, so it's best to factor this into your budget when you're placing bids. Charges for buying at auction include 18% commission for each lot bought, plus VAT.

If you'd like to join our online auction, please note that you'll pay a processing fee of 4.95% to thesaleroom.com.

What are the costs of selling at auction?

Auction houses traditionally charge commission to cover their costs and keep the auction up and running. Amounts vary, but we're happy to offer a competitive rate of 18% commission plus 1.5% insurance waiver for each lot sold at auction, plus VAT. You'll also pay a nominal lotting fee of £3.00 per item you sell with us.

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